NVDA Add-on and Microsoft SAPI

Our System for Microsoft Windows

We support a special RHVoice system in order to control the use of our voices. We wish to know how many people are using our voices, and to ask for their support financially and otherwise. This support will help to fund all of the Apps and the Open Source project.

For all other voices, please visit our dot org site. The voices and the NVDA Add-on on the dot org site do not require user registration or a two-way connection with our server. They do not operate our voices.

Our voices are installed individually. The first one you install will require registration. The voices will immediately play with SAPI-5. Install our version of the NVDA RHVoice Add-On and our voices will play natively in NVDA more quickly than SAPI.

Our NVDA Add-On

Install it before or after you install any of our voices. Download page for our NVDA Add-On.

Our Voices

Brazilian-Portugues Male, Henrique