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Privacy Policy

The following information applies to RHVoice.com's set of speech synthesizer apps operated by NonRoutine LLC.

After any of our Apps convert a piece of text into speech, it forgets about this text: no part of the text or the generated speech is kept anywhere in the App or our systems.

Speech synthesis is performed locally, on the user's device, without transferring any part of the text or the generated speech to a remote server.

NonRoutine colects users' Internet Protocol (IP) addresses when they download apps, and when their installed app contacts our servers. This is for the purpose of app and customer support and defending against abuse.

Our apps communicate with our servers to obtain data and to transmit configuration details. These are needed for operation of our system. Such data are not personally identifiable.

If you provide NonRoutine with your e-mail address, it may be stored and used in confidence by NonRoutine for customer support. This will be used to identify you with the apps you use.

In addition NonRoutine LLC may use third-party services that collect information. If you use the corresponding functionality of our apps, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the privacy policies of those services.

Our RHVoice.com app for Android uses Linode Object Storage, a third-party hosting service, to host its language and voice data files. When you choose to install a voice and RHVoice downloads the necessary files from Object Storage, Linode may collect your metadata, such as your IP address. Please see Linode's Privacy Policy for more details.